Bible Quotes in Crystal Land. This farm is the main backdrop of the novel's plot


Inspirational Bible Quotes

In a well-articulated plot in the mystical and science-fiction genres, some inspirational Bible quotes reveal seven signs, including those dealing with human evolution.

The expression "inspirational Bible quotes" used herein does not refer to quotes that trigger emotion. And these verse are not in any list of famous Bible quotes. However, these quotes reveal facts and figures bearing a design. Example:

A thousand years, before Thee, are like yesterday which was gone or like a vigil in the night. Psalm 90(89)

Just what is there in the numbers one thousand (years), 12 (yesterday) and 4 (a watch)? Some sign? Yes. This single simple quote unfolds into amazing time-related information.

cover ebook mysteries in crystal land

Bible Quotes Science Info Novel:
Bible Quotes in Crystal Land

One of them involves exploring a crystal mine, a process that is described step by step. Against the background of an exciting plot, seven signs flow smoothly from inspirational Bible quotes, presenting evidence of the design.

Example: Creation and evolution. Quotes show in detail that Adam’s rib symbolizes the chromosome and that Adam symbolizes the chimpanzee. Read for free the article on the human evolution timeline revealed through Bible quotes and of the evidence of an intelligent design.

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I would like to congratulate you for your fine and elegant approach to difficult issues on the borderline interface between religion and science.
- Professor Doctor Sérgio D. J. Pena,
President of GENE – Nucleo de Genetica Medica (Medical Genetics Center)

A DIFFERENTIATED OUTLOOK. This is the merit of the book Bible Quotes in Crystal Land. The author manages to masterfully bring together scientific knowledge and philosophical preferences in a work of fiction.
- Adélia Maria Santos Teixeira,
Tenured Psychology Professor at the Minas Gerais Federal University.

I liked so much of Bible Quotes in Crystal Land that I read it in only three days! Excellent! Your creative process fascinated me, not to mention the story, which is very rich and captivated me—and didactical also. I never have heard somebody talk about biblical orbits—a very, very interesting issue that made me reflect seriously about it. My sincere congratulations!
- Kavera,
Composer and song writer.

Sample of the Novel

Read online a sample of the novel Bible Quotes in Crystal Land.

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Creation vs. Evolution

On this site you will also find a carefully-prepared directory on creation vs evolution (creation as described in the Bible quotes).

This directory aims to encourage high-level creation vs evolution debate. It includes sites and /pages that present ideas or positions or that give information, and it includes, at the same time, references to those that have different positions.


The Bible and Science

I also offer free articles related to Bible quotes and science, mainly the issues related to evolution, creation, design, education, and human nature. See this in the side column and on the titles and summaries page.

New articles will be posted from time to time - before being sent to Bible Quotes Science Info Newsletter subscribers. They can be by different authors.

A friendly debate about the Bible and Science

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