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Creation vs. Evolution

A directory for everyone interested in a friendly debate about the Bible and science.

Creation vs Evolution Categories

Age of the Earth
• Some creationists point to an Earth with only a few thousand years of age. Evolutionists point to an age over 4 billion years.

Answers in Genesis
• For most creationists, the answers to the origins of the Earth, the Universe, life, and human being are in Genesis.

• Life on Earth comes from another solar system or even from another galaxy.

Big Bang Theory
• The Universe comes from a great explosion, the Big Bang. The creationists deny it.

Creation Myths
• Creation: myths and facts.

Creation Science
• Creationists point to scientific evidence for creation. Evolutionists deny it.

Creation vs Evolution
• The debate between evolutionists and creationists.

Evolution Myths
• Evolution: myths and facts.

Forums Newsletters
• Forums and newsletters for creationists and evolutionists, and for both sides.

Human Evolution
• Human beings are the result of biological evolution. Creationists deny it.

Human Origins
• For creationists, the origin of human beings is in God. For evolutionists, it is the result of physical, chemical, and biological accidents.

Intelligent Design
The Universe, Earth, and life are the result of an intelligent design. In this group are creationists, evolutionists, atheists, and skeptics.

• Macroevolution, such as that which comes from mutation, is denied by creationists.

• For evolutionists, the Universe, Earth, and life come from accidents over billions of years. For creationists, they all were created by God in six days.

Theistic Evolution
• Evolution was and continues to be guided by God.

Theory of Evolution
• The origin of species as described by Charles Darwin is denied by creationists.

This directory offers pages with links to complementary information on Creation, Evolution, the Intelligent Design Movement, and other schools of thought that study origins.

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