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As many know, yoga comes from India while the term Yin known for the complimentary of yang, a concept used in Chinese philosophy. The definition of Yin Yoga itself is a slow paced yoga style with poses that are held for longer period time than the usual poses is. Yin Yoga exercised the connective tissues of the body such as the fascia, ligaments and tendons. Duration per pose is usually five minutes or more yoga roswell.

Yoga Roswell community offers Yin Yoga as one of their specialty. Besides the active yoga classes and workouts, yin yoga is suggested to balancing the body from the heavy exercise you do. Considering earning effective benefits from yoga, the muscle that must stretch faster were doing another type of yoga while the connective tissues could have a longer and deeper stretch from Yin Yoga. Yin also works to promote more flexibility in pelvis, spine and hips.

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