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There are many types of residential windows with each purpose to your home that you could pick from any glass contractor. Although, the one that you could trust fully is Superior Glass, a glass contractor company in Phoenix, Arizona. With quality and service as their signature, it is easy to believe that they are the superior in the glass industry business.

Windows serves many functions, from ventilation, source of natural light until framing the beautiful view of the outside scenery. The last function from the previous sentence will lead you to the top two choices of residential windows; casement windows and picture windows.

Casement window is the oldest type of residential window, yet it has a very broad of variety on the design features. With this variety, it is guaranteed that even if you choose casement window as a hang out point to enjoy the view, the model will look modern yet still edgy. Casement window is believed to be one of the most efficient windows because it is easy to open and closed.

If you don’t want a hard maintenance kind of windows, you should pick the picture window. It usually comes in massive size, in order to get the full beauty of the outside view. You don’t have to open or closed this window because picture window is a fixed window. Other advantage from this type of window is they gain heat excessively. On the winter you could reduce the usage of heater, because picture window gathers all the light and the heat.

So, whatever type of window you want to use to beautify your home, make sure you use the service of Superior Glass. Their service is easy and affordable, and they also provide energy efficient solution to your window. To contact them, you could visit

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